Happy 2021!

 Need to Equip Yourself for 2021??

Here are the zoom classes that will be offered starting in February-May, 2021!

Especially during this divisive upheaval in our culture, we all need to....

Strengthen Our Biblical Worldview!

... through Focus on Family's The Truth Project by Dr. Del Tackitt

Zoom Video One Hour Class for 8 weeks, with class discussion, facilitated by engage!

March, 2021-date/time to be announced

On this website, go to ....First Things First!-Truth Project... to get a preview of Dr. Del Tackitt's in-deptb teaching

Texas Legislature "LIVE"!

4 Week "LIVE" zoom Texas Legislature LIVE!

March, 2021-specific dates/time to be announced

Zoom 45 minute weekly update on what bills have been filed regarding religious liberty and other relevant bills, how to track bills, how to contact your legislator, and a lot more!


engage! Mission

A non-partisan ministry to encourage the body of Christ to engage! in the civic arena with the compassion and wisdom of Christ.

       Coming Fall 2021 Training by Eric Buehrer from Gateway to Better  Education

Learn how your children's faith can THRIVE NOT JUST SURVIVE  in  Public Education -See What's Up