About Us

Mission Statement

engage! is a non-partisan Hill Country Bible Church Austin, Texas ministry in the Community Impact Department to encourage the body of Christ to get involved in the civic arena with the compassion and wisdom of Christ.

What we do!

engage! ministry mission is to...

  • equip the body of Christ, in a Christ-like non-partisan spirit, with practical base knowledge of local, state and federal government structure, political process and issues to gain more wisdom
  • connect and engage the body of Christ with local, state and federal governmental officials with the humility of Christ to discuss important issues toward the development of public policy for the common good  for our community, state and federal government.


  • equip! -quarterly informational e-newsletter equipping the body of Christ in the civic arena
  • engage! minute-bi-weekly one minute e-news (launching March, 2019) on local, state and federal  issues launching in March, 2019


Fall and spring classes at HCBC Lakeline and campuses equipping in the process of local, state and federal governments; how to run for office; networking with elected officials and staff and lots more!

  • Every odd year when the Texas Legislature is in session, a one hour class is offered for four weeks on Sunday morning at Lakeline campus to understand more about the Texas political process and issues being addressed during session. 2019 Texas Legislature LIVE! class begins March 17th. Email us for registration info!
  • Fall and spring classes at HCBC Lakeline and campuses on the Truth Project, a Comprehensive Biblical Worldview, developed by Focus on the Family
  • Quarterly Roundtables on relevant civic topics. The first roundtable is on Saturday, March 30th, at HCBC Lakeline. See What's Up for more information and Registration !
  • On-going website update with educational materials

Volunteer opportunities

  • Publication Development/writer
  • Website on-going development/design/writer
  • Civic educational development
  • Facilitator for serving-well roundtable political issues discussions
  • Reporter on civic opportunities
  • Researcher
  • Planning teams

Contact us at with your contact form found on Contact US! if you would like to learn more about volunteer opportunities, start receiving our quarterly equip e-newsletters and/or engage! minute bi-weekly e-news update on local, state and federal issues!

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Our team

We are a group of volunteers through the HCBC Community Impact Ministry committed in equipping the body of Christ with a nonpartisan ministry to learn more about the civic arena in order to serve with the wisdom and compassion of Christ.  Our planning team is a group of volunteers that has over a combined 100 years of civic experience at all 3 levels of government, as well as elected officials. We are always looking for new volunteers for the team for newsletter editing/reporting, facilitating roundtables and Truth Project classes, equip e-teams keeping track of local, state and federal issues and more!

Others have come on board, never having been in the civic arena, and are learning as they go!

Contact us today at info@engage-citizen.com and let us know how you're interested in serving with us!