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 Gateway to Better Education Training Coming to  Austin-Fall, 2021!

Gateways to Better Education (GTBE), based in California, is a nonprofit organization founded in 1991 to help public school educatorsparents and school leaders teach about the important contribution the Bible and Christianity make to the world. They show how to do this legally and appropriately within existing constitutional boundaries, current laws, and state academic standards. GTBE does their in-depth research of every state's laws and conducts conferences in those states to empower the educators and public school families and friends..

They empower parents with tools to navigate the public schools so their children graduate with their faith and values not only intact but come out with an even stronger faith. They guide school leaders in establishing policies and practices that protect academic and religious freedom.

Founder and President

Eric Buehrer 


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 Audience -

There are millions of Christians currently in public schools. They are found at every level and include superintendents, school board members, administrators, educators, parents, and students.  Barna Research's polling data indicates that 84% of church-attending families send their children to public schools and nearly 50% of public school educators are Christians who attend church and say that their faith is very important in their lives.