What’s Up

Gateway to Better Education Training

Oct. 1 & 2  at HCBC!

Parents- Are You Concerned about YOUR Child's Religious Liberties in the Classroom?
Teachers- Do You know what the State and Federal Law says about what you CAN teach regarding religion in the classroom?
We are only two weeks away from Faith Freedom and Public Schools seminar to be held at Hill Country Bible Church October 1-2nd!!

Who will be speaking?

Gateways to Better Education, Eric Buhrer, President!

Eric was a public school teacher before founding Gateways to Better Education. He is a published author and nationally-recognized authority on the subject of religion and public education.

What does Eric know about OUR State Law?
Eric and his staff have researched the Texas Statutes regarding religion and our public classrooms. You will be surprised in what they found!
What has Eric Accomplished?
His advocacy for clarity on religious freedom in public schools led to the 2020 updated release of the U.S. Department of Education’s “Guidance on Constitutionally Protected Prayer and Religious Expression in Public Elementary and Secondary Schools.
What is unique about Eric's approach?
In today’s often-contentious climate, his approach is unique as it emphasizes camaraderie, not conflict; and reason, not rage. Eric and his wife, Kim, have three grown, public-school-educated daughters.
Why should You Attend?
Families- Undergird your family with practical, legal, Christ-like knowledge and approach on how to protect your child's religious liberties in the classroom -NO COST! (Friday Night, Oct 1)
Teachers-Come and find out what the federal and state law says you can and cannot teach in the classroom. Move from fear to freedom in your classroom. PLUS! Get 3.5 TEA approved Continuing Professional Educational Credit. $10 charge to cover materials (Saturday Morning, Oct 2nd)
Please spread the word so BOTH families and teachers can be strengthened about your public school kids religious liberties in their classroom!!
Click here to see the Gateways to Better Education website.