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Watch for classes and events that we are planning for Winter/Spring 2020


86th Texas Legislature, 2019

Look below for what we covered during the class !  When the 87th Texas Legislature begins in January, 2020, engage! will conduct a similar class as the one conducted in 2019.

  • What faith, family and freedom issues will be tackled during this Texas Legislative Session?
  • Talk with invited Senators and Representatives and/or their staff regarding the legislation they are sponsoring
  • Learn how to track both House and Senate Bills that you are interested in, including an alert system on your phone
  • Interact with lobbyists that are fighting for faith, family and freedom legislation at your capitol
  • Gain an "insider's" view of what the Texas Legislature is really like
  • Why go talk to your state legislature about a concerning issue?  Will it make a difference? What is the most effective way?
  • Who are other Christ followers currently serving in the Texas Legislature and what is their "insider's" perspective?
  • What are practical ways to be the "hands and feet" of Christ in the Texas Legislature, US Capitol and your local government?
  • Learn about the engage! bill tracking chart that will be emailed to you directly
  • And much more!