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Due to the importance of the AISD board action in the Spring of 2019, connect! first featured AISD Sex Ed Curriculum at that time. This same radical sex ed is being promoted in different forms throughout Texas and the nation. Texas Values, see this website Advocacy section, was the source for the news brief. The two news briefs are recapped below:

Austin ISD Sex-Ed Curriculum: What You Need to Know And How You Can Act 

Austin Independent School District has been in the process of adopting new, radical sex education curriculum for 3rd-5thgraders and 6th-8thgraders. The curriculum introduces sexual orientation, gender identity, and premature sexual activity to students, starting in elementary school. The Austin ISD Board of Trustees gave final approval of the curriculum on Monday, October 28.

  • AISD’s proposed a curriculum promotes a worldview and an ideology that are in direct conflict with the Bible’s view on sexuality, marriage, family, and even how God created us.
  • The curriculum forces children to question the very foundation of their being by introducing them to “gender identity” concepts and encouraging them to question their biological sex. Inaccurately teaches that doctors “decide” what sex a baby is.
  • The curriculum will shame kids who share a biblical worldview. An entire section of the curriculum focuses on teaching kids to denounce “homophobia” and how to denounce fellow students who do not agree with same-sex marriage.
  • All children will be encouraged to attend adulterated LGBT Pride rallies and to become political advocates for LGBT movement.
  • Curriculum promotes and encourages sexual activity as young as 5thgrade, and in some instances, examples are given where teenage girls as young as 14 enter into sexual relationships with adult men.
  • Children will watch propaganda videos designed to encourage kids to engage in homosexual behavior.
  • The curriculum is a direct attack on God’s plan for the family. Students as young as 3rdgrade are taught not to use the terms “mom” or “dad”, “mother” or “father” in order teach kids to devalue marriage and family.
  • Austin ISD has been intent on getting curriculum from abortion providers. While their plans to use Planned Parenthood materials were stopped by a new state law (SB 22), they are now proposing to use materials from international abortion providers.
  • Middle school students will play a match game with terms: gender identity, transgender, cisgender, sexual orientation, bisexual, transphobia, and homophobia.

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Above information was gathered, analyzed and dissiminated by Texas Values (see Advocacy section of this website).

How Your Church Can Take Action

  1. Stand with Austin parents & faith leaders at the AISD school board meetings.  Your connect! newsletter will make you aware of upcoming meetings, times and dates. 
  2. Encourage members to sign petition against the curriculum Over 5,000 people have already signed.
  3. Contact your AISD board member, get to know them, and tell them of your concerns
  4. Contact Stand Up for Children grass roots advocacy organization, to find out more about their city wide AISD sit out on May 19, 2020 to stand against the radical sex ed