Click here for a downloadable 87th Texas Legislative Bill Tracking  Chart.

87th Texas Legislature Bill Tracking on

Religious Liberty, Abortion, Child and Gender Modification,

Education,  Election Integrity, Monuments, Obscenity Exemption, Sex Ed and Public Political/Ideological Curriculum in Public Ed


General Subject Bill Number Bill Author Bill Purpose Movement
Religious Liberty
SB 26

Priority Bill via Lt Gov Patrick


Id SB 251


Id HB 1239



Sen Angela Paxton







Freedom to Worship Act defining churches as an essential service protecting churches from governmental shutdowns  espec when other businesses are allowed to open during pandemics/emergency issues Passed out of Senate 3-25



Ref to State Affairs


Ref to State Affairs

SJR 27 Sen Kelly Hancock Constitutional amendment to prohibit govt from closing or limiting a religious service Passed out of Senate 3-25-
SB 247 Senator Charles Perry Protect the liberty & freedom of assoc rights of attorneys Voted out of committee 3-27
HB 525 Shaheen Defining churches as essential services; similar to SB 26 Left Pending in State Affairs 3/27
Abortion HB 1291


Id SB 575




Right to object to abortion process



Ref to Public Health



Ref To State Affairs

HCR 1 Stephenson No defacing of monuments Lft pending in Public Health 3-27
SB 391


Id SB 9

Id HB 1280







Prohibition of Abortion with exceptions of life threatening circumstances with penalities Ref to State Affairs


State Aff Hearing 3-15

Ref to Public Health


SJR 25


SB 267


HB 892


HB 2897








Constitutional Amend gtd right to life of unborn Left Pending in Health & Human Services

Ref Health&Hunan Ser


Left Pending in Human Ser Com



Child & Gender Modification
HB 68 Toth Defines re-gendering of a child as abuse with penalties Ref to Public Health
Election Integrity
HB 335 Cain Voter Registration Cancelled if not a citizen Ref to Elections
HB 574 Bonnen Prevention of election fraud in elections Voted out of Elections Comm as substituted 3-27
HB 1368 Leach Election Fraud > Penatly Ref to Elections
HB 446 Allison Ø  Penalty for Damage or Public Monument Ref to Crim Justice
Obscenity Exemption SB 977 Hall Takes away education exemption that allowed offensive materials to children Ref to Criim Justice




Sex Ed SB 1083 Hall Bans sex ed from schools Filed
SB 1811 Swanson Regulates Tx schools to filter inappropriate content such as pornography for minors Filed
SB 442




Id HB 3872










SHAC membership appt by board, 50% present, post minutes, public hearings, etc. Considered in Educa Public Hearing 3-18 and 3-25
Political/Ideological Subjects Public Schools Curriculum HB 57



ID SB 229






Adding social justice, civil rights, civil engagement to mandate civics courses



Ref to Public Ed



Ref to Education

HB 153 Gervi-Hawkins Inclusion of culturally inclusive curriculum reflecting cultural, linguistic & religious diversity of society; id acts of discrim & stereotype image Ref to Public Ed
HB 256 Cortez Addressing bullying of a teacher by a parent Hearing Public Ed 3-30
HB 422 Gonzalez, M Allowing unfiltered freedom of speech in journalism in schools Ref to Public Ed
HB 445 Allison Include positive character trains in public schools of diversity equity, inclusion Left pending in committee 3-16


HB 759 Harless Threat assessment teams in public schools with a database, creating a criminal offense Left pending in Public Ed
HB 771 Allison Instruction of bullying and cyberbullying in the required curriculum Ref to Public Ed
HB 972 Gonzalez, M Social/emotional learning Ref to Public Ed
HB 1417 Harless/Allen Content of school campus improvement plan-teachers to provide a respectful & caring atmosphere Ref to Public Ed
HB 1504 Morales, C/Allen Adding ethnic studies Ref to Public Ed
HB 1673 Buy Info re process of voting as part of civics requirements Ref to Public Ed
HB 1776


ID SB 1776

Bell, K





Adding elective HS course re founding documents of America Ref to Public Ed
HB 1870 Rogers Required Tx and US Constitution Ref to Public Ed


HB 2003 Sanford Re to fetal development instruction as part of sex ed Ref to Public Ed


HB 2399



ID SB 1927





Prayer in public school and at school sponsored event with consent form




Ref to Public Ed




HB 2465 Gervin-Hawkins Requiring cultural inclusion curriculum Ref to Public Ed
HB 2681 Wilson Academic study of the bible offered to certain students Ref to Public Ed
HB 2685 VanDever Term of Office for certain trustees of ISD Ref to Human Services